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ISH DH trail work this Saturday. 9-18-2010

The "ISH", landahls Downhill trail is coming along nicely but it still needs work.
The crew will be out Saturday, 9-18, starting at 7:00 am to do some work.
Access is from the Truman rd Scout Camp trailhead.

The ISH will finally happen.

You've heard the rumours, we've talked about it for years.
It's finally going to happen.

Saturday July 3, 8:00 am, Truman Rd (Scout Camp Entrance).

We have a Bobcat machine and experienced operator lined up to begin work on the ISH

What's the ISH??

It will be a One Way downhill only, flow trail with Berms, Jumps, Table Tops, etc.

As downhill "ISH" as we can get here in elevation challenged Missouri.

Come on out to get the 411 and to help out.

Trimming is more than 1/2 done

The Landahl crew has been busy and the "core" trails are trimmed free of weeds.
Family, Will's, Dave's, Rim, Swedish, and the non loop part of Tasty are done as well as the tech offshoots and the connectors from the hub to the scout camp and Boulevard.

We still have to get to 10/11, Scott's and The Tasty Loop.
Let us know if you can help out via the Landahl google group. See the sign up link, right over there on the right hand side??
If you don't have a trimmer we can get one for you.

Aaron Browning
Volunteer Manager Landahl Mtb/hike/run trails.

Spring is here. Is it time to ride?

After a long hard winter every rider is chomping at the bit or handlebars to get on the trails.

Springtime weather offers more opportunities to ride but can also be a bain due to wet muddy conditions.

For the most up to date condition reports look here, the forums on or sign up for tweets via the Earthriders site.

Landahl is in good shape but will has and will have perennially wet areas while the rest of the trail system is rideable. When encountering these wet areas please dsimount and walk around the trouble spot and try to do the least amount of damage. We, myself and the Landahl Trailwatchers know of the problem and will try to fix them asap. If you would like to help we have set up a google group to better coordinate trail work. Send us a note and we will get you signed up.

Aaron Browning
Trail Manager, Landahl Park Trails

Landahl is Online!

We are online: look here for updates in the near future.