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Blue River Parkway

Blue River Parkway Blue River Parkway
Trail Location: The Blue River Parkway (BRP) Trails straddle Blue River Rd which...
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ERTA Receives 2010 Kansas City WildLands Award

On October 28th, ERTA was named the 2010 Kansas City WildLands Organization Award Recipient. Kansas City WildLands selected ERTA based on our work at Swope Park, the Blue-Swope-Connection and Blue River Park. This award centred around our ongoing partnership with Kansas City Wildlands to provide access to urban Greenspace and It's efforts to eradicate Shrub Honeysuckle. The awards cites "outstanding efforts to conserve, protect and restore the incredible remnant natural communities throughout the Kansas City region. Recipients have passionately displayed environmental stewardship that benefits not only the wild places of Kansas City, but its citizens, now and for future generations."  More details on the award can be found here.

Congratulations to all of the ERTA volunteers who have put in the hard work and effort that has led to this recognition. A special thank you to Phil Scherer, Craig Stoeltzing, Scott Capstack and Rob Stitt for their ongoing leadership along the Blue-Swope corridor.  

Learn more about Bridging the Gap and Kansas City Wildlands.

ERTA Frontpage News in KC Star

On Saturday, June 19th, the Kansas City Star featured the Swope Park trails and ERTA on the frontpage! The article by Star reporter EDWARD M. EVELD and photographer GARVEY SCOTT was entitled Volunteers Create Miles of Surprises. Below is the intro and links to the entire article.

kcstar-swopeKansas City always seems to be searching for an identity. How about this one: urban mountain biking capital?

What if KC were home to the country's longest middle-of-the-city trail system for mountain biking and hiking, a spectacular series of paths that squeeze through limestone outcroppings, skirt native glades and follow a twisting river route?

Working on it. Volunteer trail builders — with no fanfare and lots of sweat equity — just completed a phase of the planned trail inside Swope Park.

The total project is an urban mountain biking and hiking trail system more than 50 miles long. With perhaps no peer in the United States, it would surpass urban trails in cities considered far more outdoorsy than Kansas City.



Rain, Rain, Go Away!

With all the rain we are getting as of late, I'm sure you all are just as frustrated with the lack of "trail time" as I am. But it is important that we stay off of the singletrack trails until they are dry enough to ride without leaving ruts and mudholes.

If you are new to mountain biking or trail running the lure of a "mud run" (or ride) might seem like a chance for a different trail adventure or challenge to be conquered, but the damage done to the trails by riding or running in wet conditions can lead to serious erosion problems and lots of man-hours to repair.

One way to keep abreast of trail closures due to weather is to follow KC Trail Status on

To get connected, go to and follow KcTrailsStatus – its direct URL is As with any Twitter account, you can subscribe to an RSS feed, elect to receive SMS messages, etc.

New Walkway on Happy Jack

The South concrete cylinders crossing on Happy Jack has been suffering from "wash outs" for the last several years. Each time the repair last until the next big rain, but we lose a few cylinders each time. Today (5/30/2010) several of the "faithful" created a more permanent elevated walkway! What a fantastic addition to the trail system.
Also, over the last week at least a dozen different individuals have been "Earning their Dirt" by trimming and mowing various sections of the trail system. If you enjoy the Smithville Lake singletrack trails and would like to lend a hand in maintaining them, which is ALL done by volunteers, drop us an email.
Thanks to everyone for all your recent efforts!

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