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Blue River Parkway

Blue River Parkway Blue River Parkway
Trail Location: The trails are located in south Kansas City, along both sides...
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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

With all the rain we are getting as of late, I'm sure you all are just as frustrated with the lack of "trail time" as I am. But it is important that we stay off of the singletrack trails until they are dry enough to ride without leaving ruts and mudholes.

If you are new to mountain biking or trail running the lure of a "mud run" (or ride) might seem like a chance for a different trail adventure or challenge to be conquered, but the damage done to the trails by riding or running in wet conditions can lead to serious erosion problems and lots of man-hours to repair.

One way to keep abreast of trail closures due to weather is to follow KC Trail Status on

To get connected, go to and follow KcTrailsStatus – its direct URL is As with any Twitter account, you can subscribe to an RSS feed, elect to receive SMS messages, etc.

New Walkway on Happy Jack

The South concrete cylinders crossing on Happy Jack has been suffering from "wash outs" for the last several years. Each time the repair last until the next big rain, but we lose a few cylinders each time. Today (5/30/2010) several of the "faithful" created a more permanent elevated walkway! What a fantastic addition to the trail system.
Also, over the last week at least a dozen different individuals have been "Earning their Dirt" by trimming and mowing various sections of the trail system. If you enjoy the Smithville Lake singletrack trails and would like to lend a hand in maintaining them, which is ALL done by volunteers, drop us an email.
Thanks to everyone for all your recent efforts!

Trailbuilding at Swope....National Trails Day, June 5th

Earthriders Trails Association in association with American Hiking Society will host a trailbuilding day this Saturday, June 5th. With a good turnout we should be VERY CLOSE to opening phase 3. Also, we have some big news to announce!

For more information about National Trails Day go to:

When: Saturday, June 5th...8am-12pm. Come and go as your schedule allows. If you arrive late we'll be just across and up the hill on Oakwood Drive from the main trailhead, so we should be easy to find.

8am-12pm: Trailbuilding
12pm-1pm: Lunch and Drinks provided by Earthriders Trails Association and Heartland Sports Promotions
1p-?: Ride/Hike

If you are planning to eat lunch with us, please email us at

Meeting Place: We will be meeting at the Lakewood Shelter House at Camp Lake of the Woods which is just up the hill on Oakwood Drive from the main Swope trailhead, drive up Oakwood Drive, take a left at the "Y" and continue on about 50 yards.  See the map on the right hand side of this page for a map to Swope.

Tools: Rakes, Shovels, McLeods, Pulaskis, Rogue Hoes, Sledge Hammers, Rock Hammers, Weedeaters, Blowers, Handsaws, Chainsaws, etc. If you don't have tools, come anyway...we should have plenty.

Recommended Clothing:
Long pants
Boots/Shoes with protection
Work Gloves
Safety Glasses
Bug Spray

For questions email:

KC Trail Conditions Are Just A Tweet Away

tweetySo, you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, hoping to get out on your favorite trails before dark, and you’re wondering what the trail conditions are like?

Well, wonder no more – Earth Riders MTB Club has hooked up a Twitter feed to the trail conditions information they provide on their forums ( for all the metro area trails.

Now, when the trail status is updated on the forums, KcTrailsStatus will tweet the conditions, for example:

#SMP CLOSED: Not Rideable (ptooi)

To get connected, go to and follow KcTrailsStatus – its direct URL is As with any Twitter account, you can subscribe to an RSS feed, elect to receive SMS messages, etc.


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